Tips To ProtectYourself Online

In order to help investors guard their online financial information from predators, NASAA recommends the following tips:

NASAA Investor Education

  1. Ask your online brokerage to always confirm all transfers and transactions.
  2. Never use unprotected computers, whether at an airport, library or an office, for use when accessing your financial accounts or records.
  3. Keep the security features of your computer software up-to-date. This includes your Web browser, virus scan software and firewall. Email attachments and links within email can contain viruses and infect your computer without your knowledge.
  4. Never provide your online account information when requested by email - your online broker would already have this information! Don't respond to unsolicited emails from companies that you do business with requesting that you revalidate your personal information or that provide a link to web sites that require you to revalidate your account information. These links often lead to bogus web sites that look legitimate in order to fool you into providing secure information.
  5. Before entering personal information on any web site, look for the "locked padlock" icon on the browser frame, or "https" at the beginning of the web address to ensure that the site is secure.
  6. Change passwords regularly.
  7. Log off the web site after you have submitted an application or concluded a secure online session.
  8. When your computer is not in use, shut it down or disconnect it from the Internet.
  9. If you think you may have fallen victim to an online scam, change your passwords, contact your online brokerage immediately, and monitor your account activity closely.
  10. If you see any inaccuracies concerning your account, contact your online brokerage immediately.

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